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  • 3.2Others
  • 5ASCII and ANSI art
  • 6Historical

Graphical and text user interface[edit]

Graphical user interface[edit]

Text user interface[edit]

System default[edit]


vi clones[edit]

No user interface (editor libraries/toolkits)[edit]

ASCII and ANSI art[edit]

  • ACiDDraw — designed for editing ASCII text art. Supports ANSI color (ANSI X3.64)
  • JavE — ASCII editor, portable to any platform running a Java GUI
  • PabloDraw — ANSI/ASCII editor allowing multiple users to edit via TCP/IP network connections
  • TheDraw — ANSI/ASCII text editor for DOS and PCBoard file format support

ASCII font editors[edit]

  • FIGlet — for creating ASCII art text
  • TheDraw — ANSI/ASCII text editor with built-in editor and manager of ASCII fonts

Free Text Editing Software


Visual and full-screen editors[edit]

  • Brief — a programmer’s editor for DOS and OS/2
  • Edit application — a programmer’s editor for Classic Mac OS
  • EDIT — a menu-based editor introduced to supersede EDLIN in MS-DOS version 5.0 and up and available in most Microsoft Windows
  • EDT — a character-based editor used on DECPDP-11s and VAXen
  • O26 — written for the operator console of the CDC 6000 series machines in the mid-1960s
  • Red — a VAX/VMS editor, written in Forth variant STOIC
  • se — an early screen-based editor for Unix
  • SED — cross-platform editor from the 1980s, ran on TOPS-10, TOPS-20 and VMS
  • STET (the ‘STructured Editing Tool’) — may have been the first folding editor; its first version was written in 1977
  • TECO — one of the most advanced character-based editors, which included a programming language. While usually described as a line editor, it included screen editing capabilities at least as early as 1965.

Line editors[edit]

  • Colossal Typewriter — an early editor thought to be written for the PDP-1
  • ed:
  • Unix’s early line editor
  • CP/M’s line editor
  • EDLIN — a line editor delivered with MS-DOS
  • EDT (Univac) — a line editor for Unisys VS/9 and e Fujitsu BS2000 systems
  • ex — an EXtended version of Unix’s ed, later evolved into the visual editor vi
  • fred — sed-like line editor used on the CDC 7600 at Los Alamos
  • GEDIT (aka George 3 EDITor) — a TECO-like editor including a programming language for the GEC 4000 series computers. GEDIT was originally written by David Toll of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and then adopted by GEC Computers for OS4000.
  • sed — a non-interactive programmable stream editor available in Unix
  • TECO — one of the most advanced character-based editors, which included a programming language
  • TEDIT — GEC 4000 series editor based on the Cambridge Titan EDIT

See also[edit]

  • Outliner, a specialized type of word processor


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Finding the Best Photo Editing App for You

GIMP for Mac OS X

What We Like

  • Interface familiar for Photoshop users.
  • Fully featured, despite being free.

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not be updated frequently.
  • Lacks adjustment layers.


Image Tricks

GraphicConverter X

What We Like

  • Works with a huge variety of formats.
  • Cocooner function allows non-destructive editing, preserving original image.

What We Don’t Like

  • Can be difficult at first.
  • Cluttered interface.

Text Editing Software




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